Saturday, May 4, 2013

Easter 2013

I noticed when I went to do an April recap that I never posted any Easter pictures. Oops! My sister & brother in law have a beautiful beach house on Topsail Island, and like last year, all of our family was able to go and enjoy a long weekend there. Last year Eric wasn't able to go because of work, so we were so glad that he was able to join us this time. Unlike last year, it was pretty chilly and we weren't able to get in the water or play on the beach unless we had on a sweater or coat. We had a great time and enjoyed spending time with family, laughing, watching the kids play, spending time just relaxing, and celebrating the resurrection of our Savior. Here are a few moments of our weekend:

Visiting the battleship

Playing on the Beach:

Special moments at the beach house:

Silly, fun moments:  (We were excited Travis and Kodia came and spent the day with us!)

Checking out what the Easter Bunny brought before getting ready for church:
                                                 (This lucky crab was given the name Magenta)

Dressed up in our Easter clothes:

The girls in their dresses I made for them, as well as Jackson's bow tie.

Hope your Easter was wonderful! 

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