Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Big Ultrasound!

Baby Clifton #4!
Yesterday we went in for our last, "big" ultrasound. Eric was able to come with me, and my mom had come with us to Jackson's ultrasound, so we asked my mother in law if she would like to come to this one. When we asked Jackson and Ansley if they wanted to go with us and watch the baby on a tv or stay somewhere else, they didn't even have to think for a second about what they wanted to do. They were so excited to see their new baby brother or sister for a few moments on a tv! (Elsie came along, too, but she hung out with Grandpa David and Uncle Marshall outside). While laying there and watching our sweet baby move all around in my belly, I thought to myself, how can I make sure I never forget this moment. After seeing how incredibly fast my other three have grown, and knowing this is probably our last baby, I want to make sure I treasure every single moment. Even those moments that don't seem so pleasant at the time... like the sleepless nights late in the pregnancy (especially when I am a week past my due date and still pregnant), I hope I can remember to enjoy those kicks and movements while the baby is in my belly, because I know it is something that I am going to miss dearly after he/she is here. When the baby is here and has his/her days and nights mixed up and wanting to stay awake at night, I hope I can remember to not get frustrated that I have to hold my sweet baby in the middle of the night and sing "Jesus Loves Me" or "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" over and over again, because before you can barely blink they are 4.5 years old and you are having to think about kindergarten! 

Sweet Baby Feet!

So, some special moments during the ultrasound... when it looked like the baby was waving at us; when the baby yawned so big; the little grin it gave us; when Ansley came over and sat on Eric's lap to hold my hand during the middle of the ultrasound; Jackson giving me a hug during the ultrasound; being there with my wonderful husband, sweet mother in law, Winkie, Jackson & Ansley; and of course just watching every movement of our precious little baby. I was measuring 20 weeks and 2 days, which puts my due date around June 17th (ish). (So if this one is anything like my other 3, that means we can expect him or her at least a week after that!) The baby was weighing in a 12 ounces! Yeah! :)

Picture of the Baby Grinning                                                                              Baby's Face 
Now the big question... is it a boy or girl?!?! I wanted to wait, like we did with Elsie, and let it be a surprise until the baby is born, but Jackson has been telling everyone that he is having a baby brother (and has even convinced Ansley that it is a baby brother). So, we didn't find out the sex yesterday, but I did have the ultrasound technician put a picture and write if it was a boy or girl in an envelope just in case we decide to let the kids know definitely if it is a he or she (and Tiffany since she wants to know the most! ha!). If we open that envelope up, we'll let you all know! :)

Baby's Leg, Body & Head


  1. Congratulations :) This is so wonderful. I love watching little miracle grow. Yay Cliftons!!

  2. Just are so right, they grow so fast it is hard to remember all the wonderful things about being pregnant (and all the bad)...Congratulations to you and your sweet family!