Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome, 2012!

Happy New Year! All 3 of the Clifton kids didn't even think about closing their eyes before they could ring in the New Year. We hope everyone has an amazing, blessed 2012!

Elsie getting ready to go out! :)

Our Crew

Happy New Year!!! 2012!


  1. so cute!! what kind of diaper is Elsie wearing? is it a g-diaper? so cute!!!

  2. Thanks, Alexas! It is one of my all time favorite cloth diapers we have, and it is one my mom bought for me right after I had Ansley (she got it at a little store near my sisters in Greensboro)! It is not a g-diaper (do you have any of those... I have 4 or 5 that I've got super cheap and just keep trying to make myself love them, but I just don't- ha!). The tag says baby bug diapers, and I've looked online and can't find anywhere you can order them online anymore. I even looked on their facebook page and nothing has happened on there in a long time. I was bummed! :) I guess it was just a WAHM business and maybe she isn't making them anymore? I had emailed her a couple months ago looking to see where to buy more, and never got a response.

    1. darn!! I was excited about them!! I'd love to have a couple for under dresses this summer! I don't have any g-diapers.....I never could really get on board with them.....I'm a prefolds and covers girl! I guess I just need to knit some wool covers with a ruffly butt to get the same look!