Saturday, December 3, 2011


So I never really like to get into heated debates about certain topics, but there is one topic that I am very passioniate about, and that is abortion. I can remember years and years ago my mother buying some earrings that were the actual size of a 10 week old (is that right, mom?) baby. At the time I know I didn't fully comprehend why my mom loved and wore these earrings, I can just remember thinking that they were amazing and I couldn't believe anyone had feet that little! Now I know that she wore them to represent to everyone that she was pro-life. As the years passed and I began to fully understand what exactly that pair of little feet earrings represented, it was never a question about which side I should choose. Pro-life or pro-choice? As I began having children of my own, and suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage, my thoughts and feelings on abortion became even stronger. I can remember hearing and seeing Jackson's heartbeat at 7 weeks, and it was honestly one of the most amazing sounds ever. (Of course the same is true with Ansley and Elsie's!) There was a baby, alive, inside of me and depended on me to keep it safe. How amazing is that?

A few nights ago I was on my computer, really late (like usual), and I see a post on Hope Pregnancy Center's (in Boone) facebook page. They had a post that said:

"Need one more motivated woman to join 9 others and participate in the 3rd annual "Ten Amigas Social Networking Fundraiser" for Hope PRC. The goal is to use social networking sites like FB and personal email to raise $1,000 for the center in just 2 weeks. Msg me if interested. We use an online software program that makes it really easy and efficient. Prizes go to top 3 fundraisers and we all celebrate at Dos Amigos after it's over. Best yet, you give women with unplanned pregnancies real choice, not abortion by default."

I felt like I should send a message asking what exactly I would need to do and to let them know I was interested. But, then I started thinking. I am HORRIBLE at fundraising. I was the kid in elementary school that would maybe sell only one or two raffle tickets at the Fall Festival. I despise asking people to buy something or to give money to me for something. How in the world am I... ME.... going to raise $1,000? I don't know why, but I sent the message anyway. I knew I would wake up and have a response saying that someone else already filled that spot and I would be off the hook. I went to bed and prayed and asked God that if this is something I should do, then let that spot still be open, and to help me not stress if I don't make the $1,000 goal. I woke up in the middle of the night and it was still on my mind, so I continued to pray. When I woke up first thing that morning, I said yet another prayer. By the time I got on my computer late that morning I had a response back, no one had filled that spot yet! That is when I said, "Ok Lord, I'll do it." So, my goal is to raise $1,000 in 2 weeks (which is now only 11 days away). As soon as I sat up my fundraising page and posted it to facebook, I immediately had two sponsors, and as of right now, I have awesome 6 sponsors with a total of $465.00 raised. I am so grateful for those people that have donated to this wonderful fundraiser. I know that this is a tough time of year to be giving money to fundraisers, but like I said, this is something that I am very passionate about, helping protect unborn children.  No donation is too small, and I appreciate anything that you may be able to give. If all you can do right now is forward this link to other friends and family members, I appreciate it greatly!

Here is the fundraising link:

Thanks so much!

(Mom- do you still have those little feet earrings?)        :)


  1. I'll be sending you my contribution. And....where can I find a pair of those earrings?

  2. Heather, you are too sweet! I'm not sure where my mom got those earrings from, but if I find them anywhere... you'll be the first to know! :)