Friday, November 25, 2011


I love Thanksgiving... a day to get together with family and friends and just be thankful. No presents, no major agenda (except of course eating way too much food!), just being together with those that you love. Every year my mom has Thanksgiving dinner at her house, and like anywhere my family goes that we must bring food... there is always plenty of it!
A Veggie Turkey. Thank you Pinterest for all of the yummy & fun recipes this year!

                                    Yummy!                                                           The desserts- that chocolate cake was my most favorite thing this year!

We usually have around 50 people come to my parents house, but this year there wasn't quite as many people there, but the 37 of us that were able to make it had a great time. I love that there are getting to be too many kids that there isn't enough room at the kids table for them all:

Next year we'll have to get another "kid's" table for Carter, Elsie & Amelia to sit at! Elsie didn't mind at all though that she had to still sit in the high chair, she had food so she was happy!

That's the way to do it, Els!

Mom got out a huge box of Lincoln Logs which kept kids of all ages entertained! I'm sad that I didn't get a picture of all the kids working on their log cabin masterpieces, but here is a super cute one of Gramma Winkie and Jackson.

Then of course there was the Black Friday shopping trip planning going on... this is again a yearly tradition.

Later, when the turkey started taking effect, Uncle Marshall and Ansley decided to sit for a while and enjoy a movie:

There was a lot of laughing, story telling and remembering going on, and enjoying time spent with family.


Tiff &

                 Jennifer, Leslie & Jessica                                                                              Mamaw Di and 2 of her girls


                                                   Papaw Fred & Elsie

                          My wonderful sisters                                                                                          My love

Ansley snugglin' up with Grandpa
I am so glad that every Thanksgiving my in-laws are able to come and enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner, and I also love that they are always willing to spend the night at the house and be with the kids while I go do some Black Friday shopping! :) I know so many people say that they would never step foot in a store on Black Friday, but for me, mom, my sisters, my aunts and cousins it is more about just going and laughing at all the many hilarious things that you WILL see. (I am also thankful that when my mom's car breaks down and won't start, that my dad doesn't say one negative thing about having to come to Boone at 1:00am to try to get it working!) Don't worry, a broken down car didn't stop us. Jessica drove separately so mom and I just hopped in with her while mom's car sat waiting to be towed this morning. (What a bummer about the car though!)
I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving with those that you love, and I hope we all can remember to be thankful for the many, many blessings that we have. I am especially thankful for my salvation, my amazing husband, my three sweet blessings (that are all taking a nap while I write this, and I am thankful that my super sweet son just asked me to snuggle up with him while he was going to sleep), my parents that raised me in a loving, Christian home, and all of my many wonderful family and friends. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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