Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Simply put, I love Christmas! Christmas has always been my favorite Holiday, and it is so much more than just about the presents. I have been so blessed with an amazing, large family, and I love this time of year that we can all just get together and spend time with each other while celebrating the birth of our Lord. Here is a little glimpse of this years wonderful Christmas (sorry for the picture overload!):
                    Elsie helping with decorating for Christmas!

Ansley & Jackson picking out a Christmas tree! (Elsie decided to snooze instead.)

<--My cuties!

Ansley & Abigail got a new fairy costume from Gabby & Austin, and immediately had to try it on!

Mamaw Ollie & Papaw Hoover with their great-grandbabies                             Mamaw & Papaw with all the grandkids

                            Carter & Jackson                                                                           Gingerbread house is completed!

It was Jackson's turn to put the star on the tree this year!
Mamaw Pearl & Papaw Nulan with the grandchildren & few great grandchildren!

    Ansley showing off her princess fingernails             One of our Christmas Eve traditions, sleepover in mommy & daddy's room!

  Jackson was SO excited to get Smokey the Firetruck!                                    Santa brought Elsie her very own iXL player!

Santa brought Ansley a princess bike!                                                       Ready to go worship our Lord on His birthday!

Our family on Christmas day

The kids with Mamaw Di
& Papaw Fred on Christmas Day

The kids with 3 (out of 5) of their great-grandparents                                 Elsie modeling her new scarf Aunt Jessica made

Jackson & Papaw Fred working on his barn set                                                          Ansley Kate feeding her Baby Alive

           Christmas with the Cliftons/Leftwichs                                The kids with Grandpa David, Gramma Winkie & Uncle Marshall

               Elsie and her Christmas goodies!                                                                Ansley Kate showing off her new toys

As Jackson kept saying, "I racked up!" :)
I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas! Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!

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