Wednesday, August 24, 2011

29th Birthday

Today I celebrated my 29th birthday, and my kids gave me a wonderful birthday present. All three of them decided they would be so sweet and take a nap at the same time today, which allowed me to get my kitchen cleaned AND all of the laundry ironed during their nap time.
Don't be jealous of my exciting birthday.  ;)

I did get an awesome camera bag that I've been wanting (thank you, oh, and eric!), and it was decorated perfectly by Jackson & Ansley.
I especially love their turtles, and the smiley face with lots of blush. :)

Jackson was so excited for me to open my present!

My mom did fix supper and had a delicious cake that was enjoyed by me, her & dad, Eric, the kids, Jessica, and some of my sweet cousins.

Jackson & Ansley helping me blow out my "candles." (Good thing we have a great imagination!)
Like all of my other years, I have been so blessed this past year, and thank God daily for my many blessings that I am not worthy of.

Now, time to enjoy my last year in my 20's!

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