Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elsie's Walking!

Elsie is finally walking! She started taking a step here and there about a month ago, but she just wasn't brave enough to take off on her own.  She would cruise all around the house holding onto the furniture or the walls, but as soon as she would run out of wall she would take one (or zero) steps, drop and start crawling! I had asked the doctor at her 12 month appointment if it was okay she wasn't walking yet, because I wasn't use to my kids not walking at a year.(Jackson started walking before he was 11 months, and Ansley was at 11 months.) He said the average age is 14 months, and that his child was 18 months old before they took their first step, so I knew I had nothing to be worried about. Then last week on her 13 month birthday, she took 4 steps at a time, without realizing that she wasn't holding on to anyone or anything. She still was only taking steps here and there since then, until last night when she just decided to take off. I just love those first baby steps when they are all wobbly, shaky and arms waving all in the air. Precious!

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