Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ansley's 3!

Today, September 1, 2011, our sweet little Ansley Kate turns three years old.
It's crazy to think that it has been three years since I was walking up and down our road on August 24th, which was my due date (and birthday!) knowing that there was no way she was going to come on time (so what if I did shed a few tears.... ha!). I just didn't realize that with her being my 2nd she would still be 8 days late! But, after getting to the hospital and having a very quick labor and delivery, I didn't mind at all that she was so late, because to us, she was just perfect!

Ansley Kate, a few minutes old. She was posterior, ("sunny-side up"), and when they broke my water they caused those scratches on her face. Look how close they were to her eye- yikes!

  Ansley was a wonderful baby, rarely cried, slept great, and an awesome eater, and today at three years old, she is still a wonderful little girl. She never went through a horrible "terrible two" phase, has always been easy to discipline, and still loves to climb up into my lap and snuggle up. She is definitely our little princess, that loves her baby dolls, dancing, dressing up, and painting her fingernails, and "finger toes".

Ansley Kate- 1 Month Old

Ansley Kate- 1 Year Old

Ansley Kate- 2 Years Old

Ansley Kate- 3 Years Old

It is so hard to believe that our little 7 lbs. 9 oz. blue eyed, beautiful baby girl, is now a big, independent 3 year old that we are so proud of and thankful for.

Happy 3rd Birthday to our little Princess, Ansley Kate....

We love you to the moon and back & pray that every day will be full of love, smiles, laughs, and that life will be a wonderful dance for you.

Here's a little video of Ansley after her birthday party on Sunday, enjoy! 

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