Thursday, September 17, 2015

Weekend at the Lake

This past weekend we were able to finally go spend the weekend with my sister, Tiffany, and her family at their beautiful lake house. Our other sister, Jessica and her fiance, as well as our parents, were able to come, so we all had a fantastic time. The kids had a wonderful time jumping off of the dock, splashing around in the water, learning how to do the paddle board, riding on the boat and the jet skis, but enjoyed most of all the time that they got to play with Abigail and Amelia. 

We tried to do an updated picture of all the cousins, but trying to get 6 kids and 1 infant to look at the camera at the same time is a nearly impossible task. Here are some of the better shots we got. 
 And of course they had to do a silly face picture:
When we were leaving to come home on Sunday, we had several kids in the back crying because they were so sad to be leaving their cousins. Anytime we get to see Abigail and Amelia lately, when we leave Ansley gets so sad because she "just loves them so much," and then Elsie was crying before we ever got into the van and said she was going home with Uncle Mark. Needless to say, they had a fantastic time and it was a great closing to our summer. Thanks Mark and Tiffany for sharing your beautiful home with us! 

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