Monday, September 7, 2015

Ansley Kate is 7!

In the blink of an eye our little princess Ansley is 7 years old!

At seven Ansley loves anything that deals with arts and crafts (especially making bracelets!), dressing up (in Princess dresses or regular dresses with matching accessories to school), anything that involves with being outdoors, dancing, playing Legos with her brother, playing "house" and princesses with her little sisters, and she is such a wonderful helper with her baby brother, as well as any other thing that I may ask her to help me do. She absolutely loves any and all animals (even insects and one day she got really upset with Elsie when she tried to kill an ant in their bedroom), taking care of our chickens, ducks and turkeys and reading (Junie B. Jones is one of her favorites!),  She says her favorite color is yellow, food is couscous, and that when she grows up she wants to either work at Wilderness in the Smokies, Dollywood or Disney World.

On her birthday she opened her gifts from us before she went to school, and she wanted to wear her new Nemo dress she got:
When she got off of the bus, Vada Belle couldn't wait to greet her with a "Happy Birthday" balloon and a hug. Ansley then opened up some birthday mail she received before we rushed off to take Elsie to dance class. Ansley then chose Los Arcos for her birthday supper and then we went to Granny Ollie's for some birthday cake! When we finally made it home for the night, she had one more cake and set of candles that she had to blow out and make a wish with!
 Los Arcos and Birthday Cake:
 Ansley with some of her presents and her family on her birthday:
After thinking and thinking Ansley finally decided that she wanted to have a little party at Claire's for her birthday party. I wasn't sure of what to expect (since I just saw a small table set up one day in the mall that said they did birthday parties), but Ansley's absolute favorite store right now is Claire's and she picked their "spa day" package. It was actually an adorable little party (but small since you were only allowed 6-7 girls) and all of these girls there seemed to have a wonderful time.
Doing some facials:
 Nail Painting:

 After getting pampered each girl got to go into the store and pick out a glittery nail file, lip gloss, and an adorable sleep mask! Besides those items, Ansley also got to get some make-up, nail polish, a birthday sash and a birthday tiara.
After the party the brothers of these gals met up with us at a park for some pizza and birthday cake.

 She got to finish off her fun night with her cousins spending the night with her:
Such a fun party and day for our little prissy princess! 

Happy 7th Birthday, Ansley Kate! We love and are so proud of the smart, caring, loving and beautiful little lady you are turning into. 

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