Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 2015

June came and went so fast, and we are sad that our summer is already more than halfway over. I already wrote about our Vada Belle turning 3 this month, and how we celebrated hers and Elsie's birthdays with their Cinderella party, but here are a few more memories from June.

Thomas the Train came to Tweetsie Railroad so we used our season passes to go ride the train and meet Sir Topham Hat. We actually went two different days while he was there (I'm not good at checking the schedules of things), but thankfully neither day was too terribly crowded.

Our "little" cousin Cheyenna and her boyfriend, Cody, graduated from high school this month, and we celebrated their success with a big gathering on top of my Aunt and Uncle's beautiful mountain land. There were lots of people there playing games, playing music, enjoying each other's company, and of course plenty of food.

On June 21st we celebrated Father's Day and the kids and I know how blessed we are that they have not only an amazing dad, but several wonderful grandfathers, too.
Ansley Kate got bee stung in June on her nose (and another day on her foot), and the day it happened on her nose it didn't swell instantly thank goodness. The next day though it started swelling and by that night (which was Vada Belle's birthday) her eye was really red and swollen. Eric took her to urgent care just because it was her eye that was swelling so bad, but thankfully they said it was nothing to worry about unless she started breaking out in hives or had trouble breathing. We had a dinner that night at our church for Father's Day, and poor girl was so embarrassed by her eye that she didn't even want to eat, she said she just wanted to go to the car because she didn't feel well. It took it several days before it went down but she never really complained about it- she was just so worried that her eye would stay that way. :)
A few random pics:
-Vada Belle's last night as a 2 year old and then another time when being a 3 year old is just so exhausting you have to put yourself down for a nap
-Jackson after one of his baseball games
-Eric is so full of love that he even sweats in the shape of a heart!
-Jackson got this White House Lego set (which said on the box for ages 12 and up) in the mail from Abigail and Amelia.  When I was opening all the pieces for him I told him that it was way too many little white pieces and there was no way I would have the patience to sit down and work on that. It was just a couple of hours later that he came up to me with the finished product. His patience and attention span to work on things like that sometimes amazes me.
-One day while I was at a doctor's appointment and the kids stayed with their great-granny Ollie, Ansley Kate went and helped her pick some cherries and bake this delicious pie!
-Ansley holding one of her pet chickens, Wild Style. She loves petting and feeding all of the ducks, chickens and turkeys, and this chicken is probably her favorite one. It will let her pick it up and carry it around for however long she wishes. She woke me up in the middle of the night recently to tell me that she had a bad dream. When I asked what it was she said, "I had a dream that all of the chickens and turkeys got out and I couldn't get them all back in the pen." I thought to myself how I love that a dream like that is considered a "bad dream" to her.

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