Sunday, July 12, 2015

11th Anniversary

On Friday, July 10th, Eric and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary. I'm not sure if you could say that we did a lot of celebrating that day because he was busy with work all day while I was at Tweetsie hanging out with the kids, and then by the time he got home we were rushing to get the kids to Bible School commencement. The kids did eat at Bible School, and Eric prepared a delicious meal on the grill for the two of us. The next night, though, my cousin Jennifer came to our rescue and watched all four kids (and even took care of them at a birthday party!) while Eric and I went to Suba's for dinner. (Thanks again, Jenn!)
Here are a few moments of our wonderful 11 years of marriage together:
I am so glad I have you by my side to do this amazing thing called "Life" with, Eric Miles. I love you!

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