Tuesday, April 7, 2015

March 2015

Some of our moments from our very busy month of March:
I already posted the pictures from Ansley's watch week at dance, but Elsie's and Vada Belle's had to be postponed a week due to snow on their original day. Here are some pictures from their watch days at dance:
Elsie's class:
 Vada Belle's Class:
We took all four kids to the dentist for a check-up this month, and this was Vada Belle's first visit. Vada is very skiddish of loud and different noises, and I just wasn't thinking when I took her back with me when it was time to get Elsie's teeth cleaned. Elsie had the head phones on watching the television on the ceiling and was laughing non-stop, so it wasn't like she was doing anything that was making Vada Belle nervous. But- every time the hygienist would start to use a new tool to clean Elsie's teeth, Vada would bury her head into my chest, cover her ears with her lovie, and would get very tense. By the time the hygienist was finished with Elsie and ready to start on Vada Belle, Vada wanted nothing to do with those loud things. She cried and was by no where close to being a star patient. :) Thankfully though we left with no cavities and Vada Belle was fine once she got to choose her gift and even had no problem letting the dentist look and finish with her teeth.
Elsie exhausted after a fun sleepover with friends.
The picture of the kettle is the sap Eric collected from our maple trees and he was boiling it down to make some maple syrup- yummy!

The kids got to go skating for their very first time at a skating rink for one of their friends, Dillon's, birthday party. They all loved it and I was quite impressed with how well Jackson just went out there and did. They all fell many times, but just jumped back up and kept going. What a fun birthday party it was.
Elsie and Vada Belle found a fun mud puddle to play in, and couldn't wait for Jackson and Ansley to get off the bus so they could join in on the fun:
The leprechaun came back this year on St. Patrick's Day, but once again we didn't get to catch or see him. Jackson did leave a note for him saying he would like a picture of what he looks like, so at least he did leave that for Jackson. Here are a few pics of the kids in their St. Patrick's Day green:
The girls got to go to their friend, Ava's, Princess birthday party, and Princess Belle even made a special visit there. What a fun party and Becky had everything decorated just beautiful.
A few random pictures:
-Every night is basically a sleepover in this house. The kids love to pile into one of their rooms and sleep with each other.
-Jackson with one of his Lincoln Logs creations
-Elsie taking a break from shopping
-Vada Belle "hiding" from me when I told her it was time to take a nap
-Our first duck eggs from our ducks! (I know that is a chicken in the picture, but I promise the eggs are duck eggs)
-Here are a few pictures of the kids putting some of our duck and chicken eggs into our incubator so hopefully we will get some baby animals in a few weeks. They are so excited about doing this.
-My three sick little girls waiting at the doctor's office. They all were running high fevers and were feeling awful, but after strep and flu test, the doctor said that it was just a viral infection. Thankfully after a few days they were feeling much better.
-I find little drawings and writings all over the house. Here is one I just loved that Elsie drew of our family, including baby brother.
I have no idea where they get it from (obviously NOT from their mother), but my girls are obsessed and love to put on make-up. I think they can do just as good job of putting it on than I can. :)

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