Tuesday, October 14, 2014

September 2014

September was such a crazy and busy month with so many exciting things that happened, like Ansley turning 6, going to Disney World, camping trips, and school happenings, and then there were some heartbreaking moments like the passing of our sweet Nala Mae. Here are some other moments from our busy September:
The weekend after we returned from our Disney trip, we went on our annual camping trip with Eric's side of the family to Adventure Camp. We got to spend lots of times laughing with cousins, playing games and we celebrated all of the September birthdays while we were there.
 Ansley absolutely loves riding her bike, and she decided she was going to take it on this pretty steep hill and ride down. She had several successful trips and then all of a sudden her little bitty bike (which probably isn't made to go down hills such as this), lost control and she had a pretty nasty wreck. She was trying so hard not to cry when it happened, and I saw it all happen like it was being played in slow motion and there was nothing I could do to stop it. When she stood up and tried to run to me, I noticed her limping a little and when I grabbed her, that is when the tears started. She had some pretty nasty road rash on her chin, knees and hands, and her thumb was pretty swollen, too. She was a trooper though, and didn't complain much at all.

Jackson's 2nd grade class took a field trip to The Apple Orchard, and I enjoyed going along with them. This was the same apple orchard that I use to take my students to when I use to teach, so I enjoyed being out with that age group again. They then took all of the second graders to the park for a picnic lunch and some playtime.
 A few random moments including picnics with Elsie and Vada Belle while the other two were at school, all three big kids sleeping in Jackson's bed (I don't even know why we have a bed for each kid since they were always piling in bed with each other), Ansley with her giraffe project she made at school, Vada Belle with Asa at the park, and Eric with the kids celebrating his 34th birthday.
Jackson came down with walking pneumonia, but thankfully after a trip to the doctor and some medication, he was better before that weekend, which was great since we went camping at New River Campground with some of my family. I ended up taking Vada Belle to the doctor the morning that we were leaving for our camping trip, and she had an ear infection and pink eye. We decided to leave her with my mom for the first night of the camping trip since it was going to be pretty cool that night, but she brought her down pretty early the next day. We enjoyed nights hanging out by the campfire, short hikes during the day, and the kids even hopped in the kayak for a little fun with Jennifer and Leslie.
 What a wonderful month September was!

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