Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nutcracker 2013, Meeting Santa, and Christmas Parties at School

What a month December has been! Eric and I had looked at our calendar in November to see if we could find a day that we could go Christmas shopping, and we had something going on every single day until this past Saturday, the 21st, which we had something going on then, too, but just left that afternoon while leaving the kids with my mom. Some of the happenings we've been busy with includes- Ansley dancing in her second Nutcracker, this time as an angel:

She is still loving dance, and especially loved that she got to dance on the "really big stage." She told me a couple of days after her performance that she wished she could dance on the big stage every single day. 

Santa Claus came to Red Tail one night, so we took the kids there to tell him their wish list. When he asked each of them what they wanted, their responses were: Jackson- Mario Lego's; Ansley- A big Mulan doll; and Elsie- a Barbie. While he was talking to each kid and after they said the one thing they wanted, he then said, "What else?" to each kid, and each kid responded with, "uhhh, I don't know!" I absolutely love that they are that easy to buy for! Vada Belle wasn't a fan of Santa's, and didn't enjoy that we attempted to get a picture with him. :)
If you were wondering why Jackson has his blanket with him in the Santa pictures, it was because he was not feeling well at all. There was actually another chair sitting beside Santa, and Jackson sat there at first because he said he didn't want to get Santa sick. Santa grabbed him and said to not worry, that he wouldn't get sick. A couple of days later we took Jackson to the doctor where he was diagnosed with scarlet fever!!! Never once did he complain with his throat hurting, run a high fever (which it is normal for Jackson to run a fever of 104 with just viral infections), and his only complaint (which he complained of a LOT) was his stomach hurting. Since there had and still is a nasty stomach bug going around, we just knew it was that. After several days of his complaining though, we took him to the doctor to find out we were wrong. They gave him a shot and by the next morning when he woke up he was already so much better. 
Unfortunately though, he had already missed his class field trip to Barter Theatre and out for pizza, painting Christmas ornaments, and other fun Christmas activities at school. Thankfully he was well enough to make it to the class Christmas party and Polar Express/PJ day. Ansley's class also had their Christmas party on the same day, and Elsie and Vada Belle (who was on my back in the Ergo, which is why she isn't in any pictures) had a blast going back and forth from room to room.
What a busy, exciting, exhausting week! 

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