Tuesday, December 10, 2013

November 2013

In November we went to the last day Tweetsie was open for the 2013 season, where we happened to walk right upon some sweet friends, the Zaragoza's, on the mouse mine. The kids were excited and it made their last visit of the season even better! 
Jackson and Ansley love taking hikes up in the woods to Mamaw Di and Papaw Fred's house, and Vada Belle enjoys running around their huge backyard.

Jackson started his first season of basketball, and we stayed busy this month running him to basketball practices and games. Eric found out at the first practice that he was going to be helping coach and Jackson was excited about that.

My dad and Eric planted some sugar cane this summer, and after the planting, weeding, stripping the leaves, cutting the tops off, harvesting it, it was time to grind it and boil it down. They put the mash in the big pot at 8:00 that morning, and it wasn't ready to take off until about 6ish that night. Now you know where the saying slow as molasses comes from! They started out with about 130 gallons which boiled down to 18 gallons of molasses. What a lot of work.

Elsie has become the sweetest little thing lately, and is such a wonderful sister. No matter if she is playing princesses with Ansley, encouraging Vada Belle to use the potty, or running to give Jackson and Ansley hugs when they get off the bus, her heart is just so sweet and kind.

After 33 years of working for Mountain Electric, my dad retired on Wednesday, November 27th. Anyone that knows my dad knows that he constantly has to be working, so it wasn't a huge surprise that the day after he retired (which was Thanksgiving), he went and got 50 goats and 13 calves (to add to the already many cattle that he has). Retiring, Thanksgiving, and celebrating his birthday all in a week- three days in a row, actually- what a memorable week!

Our Thanksgiving tradition of going up to Mamaw Di and Papaw Fred's continued this year. There weren't as many people that were able to attend as usual- some had to work, some from out of town didn't come- but we still had a great time with the 28 people that were there. There was so many delicious dishes made by Mamaw Di and others that came, and we had a wonderful time with those loved ones that were there.

Vada Belle has grown up so much lately, and loves to play dolls and princesses with her sisters, put on necklaces and jewelry, and is saying new words everyday, but she isn't anywhere near ready to give up her bunny lovie or sucking on those fingers. I finally decided to put her in her own room this month, and it didn't bother her for a second. This last baby stuff is tough for this mama. :)

We had a rough week this month when our three girls were sick. Ansley and Elsie ran a high fever for days, but after testing negative on the flu and strep tests, we were told it was a viral infection. This picture of the three of them asleep on the couch is what much of that week looked like. Pitiful!

Ansley did her family tree project this month, at 8:30 the night before it was due.  I forgot about it until about 6:30 on Sunday, and had to rush to get the pictures sent into Wal-Mart to be developed before they closed. When I chose the 1 hour service online I received a message stating that it was too late, so we had to quickly load the four kids up, rush to Wal-Mart, and I got the pictures developed on their instant machine at 7:59, and it shut off at 8:00. Whew!

The last couple of pictures is from where Jackson's class did a Thanksgiving day play, which he played a Pilgrim in, and his best friend Caleb was a Native American, and then a sweet one of the three sisters playing with their princesses. 

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