Monday, April 4, 2016

March 2016

March was another busy month that also included quite a few trips to the doctors office. All of our kids except for Felix ended up with the flu, but he had a terrible cold and viral infection, and then ended up with a nasty ear infection, too. We had plenty of fun moments in between all the sickness, and here are some of those fun moments from March:

Ansley and Elsie in their sweet little dresses. They are always wanting to dress up:
 Swinging on their great-grandparents swing

My guys: Eric with our turkey, Tony; 
Jackson helping out with all of the animals; 
Jackson with his "snack" he fixed himself one day and Felix with his three... THREE... things of baby food he ate at one meal. I'm not sure how we are going to afford feeding these boys when they get to be teenagers!
Sleepy baby Felix 
 The kids on St. Patrick's Day:
 Felix on his 1st St. Patrick's Day

Easter parties and the egg hunt for the kinders at school:
 The town Easter egg hunt- I think they said they had over 5,000 eggs hidden.

 Easter party at church:
 Easter morning! The Easter Bunny left the kids another scavenger hunt like usual, but Felix missed out on that since he didn't sleep hardly any the night before and was still asleep with the others got up to do the hunt.
Although Elsie and Felix are all dressed up, they ended up staying at home since they were both pretty sick (it was the next day that Elsie tested positive for the flu). Eric took the other kids to church for the early breakfast and Sunday School, and then I did run Elsie there just for a minute to say her part for the Easter program, but then Eric left with her so we wouldn't spread sick germs to everyone.
 Easter Sunday:
 Vada Belle's facial expressions are hilarious!
 Dying Easter Eggs:
Vada Belle went on a daddy/daughter day one day, and she had some money to spend so she asked Eric to take her to Target so she could buy her some new Shopkins. She loved spending one on one time with her daddy.
Baby Felix is now pulling up and trying to stand while holding onto stuff- he is growing so fast!
 Vada Belle and Felix;
Jackson, Ansley and Elsie at the talent show at their school. They made it through to the county level!
Elsie with her jello egg
Elsie working on her make-up work while waiting for her sisters at dance and brother at banjo. Missing a whole week of school because of the flu is tough for a kinder.
We put some of our eggs in our incubator and ended up hatching out 15 baby chicks! One ended up dying a few days later, but the other 14 are still doing great.
 Felix turned 8 months on March 29th. He is starting to pull himself up a little, loves to army crawl and has almost mastered crawling (which means he is into everything!). His favorite part of the day is when his older brother and big sisters get home from school, and he loves to dance whenever he hears music.  He is way too busy living life that he thinks he doesn't have time to ever sleep.

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