Thursday, February 4, 2016

January 2016

Happy 2016!

On New Year's Eve we really didn't have any plans to go do anything, but the kids were still determined to stay up until midnight- and all five were awake when the clock struck 12! Our cousin, Jennifer, came over and we let the kids light some sparklers, Eric lit some fireworks, and we watched the ball drop. The girls were of course in some costume, like usual, which is why we had a pink bunny (Vada Belle), a zebra (Elsie) and a snow girl (Ansley) lighting sparklers on our front porch. 

On January 3rd we took the kids to Dollywood as their Christmas present from Eric and I. We were able to get some free tickets there, and the kids always love staying in a hotel. It turned out to be a fantastic day weather wise, and it wasn't crowded at all (which was totally different from what I hear about the day before). 
 Meeting Rudolph and friends:
 Riding rides and having fun:

Also on January 3rd, it was the 12th anniversary from when Eric asked me to marry him.
The next day the kids were just as excited about as they were about going to Dollywood. Tiffany and Mark gave them each gift certificates to Build A Bear, and they were so excited about going there (they've never been before). They loved this experience- thanks for the opportunity, McDaniel family!

Abigail and Amelia were able to come spend a weekend with us in January, and all seven kids had a blast. Oh how we miss the days before school and they were up here for a weekend all the time.

We had several snow days in January and I loved having my little helpers home. Felix is a very needy baby and requires lots of attention and he loves to be held, so when his big sisters and brother are home, he is probably the happiest of all the kids about snow days! 
 Vada Belle keeps me laughing on these long winter days. Here she is making Prince Eric drive the bulldozer while the princess are all riding in the 18 wheeler.
 Poor baby Felix- can you tell he has an older sister that likes to pick on him. :)
The drawing is one that Vada Belle did on a magna doodle.  She said it was a picture of me and her.I love three year old drawings.

Some random pictures of sweet baby Felix:
We loved playing outside (when it wasn't too cold) on snow days:

We also got some yummy cookies the girls made in their easy bake oven:
Baby Felix turned 6 months old.... already half a year!  He loves to sit up, eat everything that we will let him try (except peas and he despises those!), he loves to hear himself talk and sing and is always babbling, but he still doesn't like to sleep...EVER! Our other four kids were wonderful sleepers, so this no sleep business is all new territory for Eric and I, and geez is it tough! Kudos to the parents out there that have more than one kid that doesn't like to sleep! When I took him for his 6 month check up (which was actually on February 2nd) he weighed 13 lbs. 14 ounces, and 2' 2" and did great with his vaccines. Happy half birthday, sweet baby.

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