Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ballet and Banjo

The girls are always so excited to hear what part they will be dancing in The Nutcracker each December. This year Ansley was an Arabian Dancer, Elsie was over the moon excited that she got to be one of the little clock mice, and Vada Belle made her Nutcracker debut as a gumdrop. All three girls did a wonderful job.

 Elsie as a mouse

Vada Belle as a Gumdrop

Ansley as an Arabian Dancer
 On their dress rehearsal night, Jackson had his very first banjo recital. I was so sad I had to miss this, but I asked Eric to take pictures and videos, and he didn't disappoint me.

Jackson's Banjo Recital

 Jackson actually had to leave his banjo recital a bit early to rush to the Board of Education meeting because he was receiving an award for character excellence. Needless to say, Eric and I were bursting with pride after this week was over.
Our kids make us so proud! 

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