Monday, November 2, 2015

October 2015

October is one of my favorite months of the year, and this year was no exception! We made our yearly camping trip with Eric's extended family to Adventure Camp and although it was rainy and cold, we still had a lot of fun hanging out by the warm fire and spending time with cousins.
The kids:
We went to Ghost Train on 10/16/2015 and Ansley and daddy were the only two brave enough to go through the Haunted House.  Ansley was squeezing Eric's arm pretty tight when she came out! Everyone rode the Ghost Train, though!

Felix had to go to Knoxville's Children's Hospital on the 20th for another ultrasound as well as a VCUG. His left kidney is still enlarged, but thankfully at this time it isn't so large that the doctor wants to do surgery. He does want to keep an eye on it, so we will be returning in three months for another ultrasound. Here he is in the hotel the night before, and him before and after his VCUG. When in Knoxville he has to sport his UT shirt! 
After Felix's VCUG we rushed back home so we could go watch Elise at her watch day at dance. She is beyond excited that she is playing a mouse in the Nutcracker this year!
Vada Belle at her watch day at dance:
Ansley Kate at watch day. She is looking so grown up these days:
A few silly candid pictures from the month:
We went on our last trip to Tweetsie for the season near the end of the month. My grandmother gives us money at Christmas and we purchased our season passes with that money, so thanks again Mamaw Ollie for allowing us to go to Tweetsie and making some fun memories! Some days it was a little rough when I was by myself, very pregnant, with four kids running around there, but they really did have a great time every time we went!
We all love when Eric is able to go with us (especiallly since the big kids can only do a couple of the rides when he is there!).
The kids also had spirit week one week this month. Here they are a couple of days during that week on college day and wacky tacky day. 
One night Vada Belle left her lovie in the car and I told her I would go get it for her. When I came back to the house I found her crawling out of the doggie door because she said she couldn't get the door open. The other picture is her eating cake for breakfast because sometimes you are just having one of those days! 

A few pictures of my handsome boys:
On October 29th Felix turned three months old. He is growing and changing every single day. The "new baby" smell is just about faded away, but every now and then I get a sniff and just soak it in because I know one day all too soon it was be completely gone. He loves blowing raspberries, attention from his brother and sisters, and not letting mommy and daddy get a lot of sleep at night. Just look at his sweet smile!

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