Saturday, March 14, 2015

Surprise! We're expecting Baby #5!

Back in November I started not feeling very well. I was so tired all the time and one morning when I woke up and was so nauseous and was throwing up, Eric looked at me and said..... "Ummm- Wendy?" I didn't take a pregnancy test, but it was pretty obvious not too many days after that, that I was in fact pregnant with baby #5. We didn't tell anyone for a while. One night in January my Papaw Nulan was in the ICU and was very sick. Many of our family members were there because he had a very rough day, and the ICU waiting room was full of our family. My mom decided to go back to his room, and since she had a broken knee cap, I decided to walk back there with her. Both of my mom's sisters were back there and as soon as my mom and I walked into his room, the surgeon walked in with the results of some test they did earlier that day. As she was talking to us I remember thinking how hot it was getting in there. Then I thought that I needed to walk down to the waiting room to get my Mamaw so she could hear what the surgeon was saying, but I just couldn't right then because the room was starting to spin around. Then I remember looking at the surgeon and thinking, I can't hear anything she is saying right now. I started to get even more dizzy so I thought I would just lean against my mom (who was in a walker with her broken knee cap) and that is the last thing I remember for a little bit. The next thing I know I'm leaned back in a recliner and a nurse is checking my blood pressure, my heart beat, poking my finger and I keep hearing people ask me, "Is there any way you could possibly be pregnant." I didn't respond for a while and then I hear them asking Eric, who was now back in the room, too. I think he just ignored them for a while, which made the answer a bit obvious. The next day while sitting in my mom's living room floor, she asked me again, even though she obviously knew the answer, and then reminded me how much our family (all our family- immediate and extended!) loves babies, and how blessed we are to be getting another one. I was at this point very excited about our new baby, and was glad to hear that my mom was thrilled, too. My first doctor's appointment was still several weeks away (even though I was at 13 weeks at this point), so I was kind of nervous to tell the kids just yet. A few days later my cousin Cindy brought home a doppler to see if we could hear a heartbeat, and while the kids were taking a bath we did a quick check to see if we could hear a baby heartbeat, and thankfully we did. Such an amazing sound when you hear that precious heartbeat for the first time! When the kids got out of the bath we decided to let them figure out what that noise was. As you can see, some were definitely more excited than others:
Jackson has been praying for a baby brother for quite a while now, so he was so excited thinking that he might actually get his prayers answered, Ansley was excited (which is no surprise since she is a little mama), Elsie was just so worried  about being away from me while I was in the hospital, and Vada Belle was just grumpy from not having a nap and it was bedtime. Once we explained to Elsie that it would just be a day or two, she was super excited about becoming a big sister again. This video was taken on January 19, 2015, but my first ultrasound wasn't scheduled until February 25th. Eric and I decided to go to Hope Pregnancy Center to get an ultrasound, and the super sweet nurse told us she was 85% sure she knew the sex if we wanted to know. We asked if she could put it in an envelope and then we would let Jackson open it later that night when we were all home together. Here is a video of that sweet moment:
Here are a few pics from that ultrasound, which was on February 2nd (and the baby was measuring at 15 weeks and 6 days.  
We took this picture just a few days later to make our announcement that another precious baby boy would be joining our family:

I finally got to go to my first doctor's appointment on February 11th (at 17 weeks) and the heartbeat sounded great, and then I had my first ultrasound at the doctor's office on February 25th. I was right at 19 weeks, but the baby was measuring 20 weeks. We got some super cute shots of the baby, and we are now 100% sure that we will be welcoming another baby boy to our family in July!
All 6 of us are so excited to meet you, little one!

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