Thursday, February 5, 2015

January 2015

Happy 2015! 
2014 came and went so fast, and we are so excited to see what 2015 has in store for us. We rung in the New Year by hanging out at cousin Jennifer's house with some family and friends, and all 4 kids made it past midnight and did the countdown to 2015. 
We had quite a few snow days in January, but the kids enjoyed the time indoors doing all kinds of crafty things, putting puzzles together, creating puppet shows, and of course some long winter naps for Vada Belle. I also had to put a picture of a tree on there that every time Elsie sees this tree she yells out, "Hey! There is the tree that looks like an elephant!" I love how their little minds see things.
Here are a few random pics from this month:
Vada Belle pretending she is Mulan while hanging out with her great-grandpa.
Jackson and I hanging out just the two of us (this doesn't get to happen very often at all anymore).
The girls and Jackson posing in some new dresses and coat from their aunt and grandma.
Elsie snuggled up to Ansley the night before she had to return to school after Christmas break, and it didn't take her long to go to sleep. None of us were ready for her and Jackson to go back to school.
Hanging out at Daniel Boone Park with my little girls on a sunny January day. They enjoyed the jungle gym most of all, and Elsie was proud of herself when she fell off face first and didn't shed a tear.
On January 31 Ansley Kate decided that she was going to get her haircut and donate her beautiful long locks to some type of organization that will use it to help create a wig for children. I had won a coupon for a free haircut in an auction that was for a benefit for a family that we are friends with, and so I told Ansley Kate she could use that free haircut coupon. While Tenessia was cutting Ansley's hair, I couldn't tell if she was going to cry or if she liked it. She is so shy and wouldn't say a word when I would ask her if she liked it. When we left and she saw herself in the reflection of store windows, she was so excited. She loved it and instantly told me that she was going to let it grow long again, go to the exact same place to get it cut, and donate it once again. I do miss her long hair, but I know it will grow fast and I'm so proud of her giving heart. Plus, it looks adorable! 

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