Monday, January 5, 2015

December & Christmas 2014

We love the month of December and the Christmas season, even if it is non-stop running and going. Besides the girls dancing in The Nutcracker, Jackson and Ansley's Christmas program at school, our Christmas play at church, and meeting Santa, we were also busy with decorating for Christmas, going to several Christmas parties, and spending lots of time with our family.

The kids pretty much decorated the Christmas tree by themselves this year. That might mean that the majority of the Christmas decorations was about 3-4 feet high, but that is the way that it stayed. It was Vada Belle's year to put the topper on top of the tree (her first year doing this), and she chose the star to place on top.

A few random pics:
Eric playing with the kids, me and my little guy, Ansley Kate's Christmas party at school, and the kids all dressed up in their Christmas outfits for church:
We always have our Christmas party with the Phipps side of the family on the Sunday before Christmas. This usually works out so well because Christmas Eve and Christmas day are busy with other Christmas parties for all of the grandchildren, so this way we can hang out, enjoy a delicious meal prepared by my grandmother, and just spend time together without anyone having to rush off to another party.
Our Christmas Eve is spent hanging out and opening presents with cousins Abigail and Amelia, and then that night we have our Watson Christmas party. This year our Papaw Nulan had rolled an oil barrel over himself and had several broken ribs, so we all missed him not being there, but we still had a great time with that crazy side of the family.
 When we got home on Christmas Eve, Simon (our Elf on the Shelf) had left his note saying that the kids could give him a quick hug and kiss before Santa stopped by to drop off their presents and take Simon back to the North Pole with him. (Notice the girls make-up that they enjoyed doing while at the Watson Christmas party). They were so sad to see Simon go because they loved looking for him every morning.
 The kids continued with their yearly tradition of having a sleepover in mine and Eric's room on Christmas Eve, and once they were all snuggled in and asleep, Santa came and dropped off their presents!
On Christmas morning they got up, read some in their little Christmas Bible Story book, and then were so excited to see that just about everything they asked for (which thankfully wasn't much), Santa had brought for them.
Ansley and Elsie instantly had to paint their pictures that they got in their stockings, and Jackson was beyond thrilled with his new Lego mini-figurines (even if they were some off brand), and had to put all 24 together immediately. Vada Belle was thrilled with her new backpack and Ariel doll, but nothing can quite take the place of her beloved Lovie.
 We then went up to Mamaw Di and Papaw Fred's house to exchange gifts and to eat brunch:
 and then drove to Sparta (which thankfully gave all four kids a chance for a much needed nap), and had our Leftwich Christmas party.
 We spent the night there, and then came home the next day to sort through and put up all of their new toys, clothes and books. The kids spent the entire rest of that day and all of the next day putting together Lego's, playing some of their new board games, reading their books, and non-stop playing with their new toys.
As you can well see, our kids are very blessed to have such a huge family that loves to spoil them. :)

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