Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 2014

Some October Memories:

Ansley Kate lost her very first tooth on October 5th, 2014. Eric, Vada Belle and I were actually in Hickory, and Jackson, Ansley and Elsie wanted to stay at Mamaw Ollie's house. Ansley has had this loose tooth for quite a while now, and somehow Mamaw and Bella finally convinced her to just jerk it out. She was so excited when we came to pick her up.
-Vada Belle sweetly sleeping
-One day when the little girls and I went to school to eat lunch with Jackson and Ansley, Elsie jumped out of the car and said, "Hold on, mommy! I need to take a picture of this beautiful tree." What have I created?! :)
-Elsie and her sweet friend, Bailey, at Bailey's Frozen birthday party
-Elsie riding on their new ride from their Clifton grandparents
When Eric told some friends (back in the summer) that had to find a new home for their pet pig, Vidalia, that we would take her, I was at first not very happy. Soon enough, the kids and I all became pretty attached to her and she was a wonderful pig. The only problem with her though, was that she was too smart and would always find a way to escape from her pen. Eric had worked and worked and tried many different things to keep her from getting out, but she always managed to figure out a way to escape. It seemed that every time we would be gone out of town somewhere, that is when she would get out, and she always went straight to the antique store by our house or to the highway. When we were trying to deal with our flat tire on our van on the day we were leaving Disney World, Eric gets a call from our neighbor saying that our pig and puppy kept trying to come into the antique store. Eric posted a status stating, "Free pig. She loves people, puppies and shopping" but we couldn't get anyone to take us up on the offer. He ended up taking her to the farm sale before she got hit by a car, and the kids and I were all pretty bummed about it.
 Ansley Kate and Elsie had watch day at dance, and we loved watching their sweet little classes do ballet and tap.
We also had several gatherings and celebrations for friends, Fall Festival at school, and we went to Lazy 5 Ranch with a group from church.
We went to Lazy 5 Ranch on October 26th, which was also Mamaw Dianne's birthday, so all the kids celebrated her big day with her while we were all together.

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