Thursday, January 9, 2014

"Cod the Famale"

Even though the kids were suppose to start school after Christmas break on Monday, they have been out all this week because of snow. Jackson and Ansley have loved having the extra time to play with all of their new stuff, and Elsie and Vada Belle have loved having them here to play with. Even with all of their playing, they have still been doing some reading, writing and drawing (on their own free will, too!). Ansley got a "Barbie Secrets" book from Santa, and in it there are all kinds of questions for you to write answers and draw pictures. She has really taken an interest this week in trying to sound out words and write them on her own in this book, and yesterday she sat down at the table with some paper and she said was going to write a book. Here it is, Ansley's first book.... "Cod the Famale"   :)

I was so proud of her attempt at sounding out those words! Jackson has already informed her that she needs to switch the t and h in all of her "th" words, and I think he was ready to proofread in detail before I made him be quite and just tell what a good job she did. She's already read it to Vada Belle and Elsie several times. :) Great job, Ansley!

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