Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! Like I said last year, we don't really "go big" on Valentine's Day. We don't buy gifts for each other, and we don't even buy cards- we make them! :) The other night after supper while everyone was still at the table, I grabbed the kids bucket of crayons and gave each person an envelope to make their own "mailbox" so we could put each others valentines in them. The kids get so excited over these little things, and had so much fun decorating their mailboxes. Last night they delivered their valentines and were super excited for the morning to come so they could read theirs.

Our "mailboxes" on our doors

When I woke Jackson up for school this morning the first thing he had to do was to read all of his Valentines. I took him to school and then I came back and fixed the girls a Valentine's breakfast (which Elsie wasn't a fan of at all- ha!).

We finished up the heart shaped cake we made for Jackson's party at school, then Ansley and I dropped off Elsie and Vada Belle at Mamaw Di's while we went to the school to celebrate Valentine's Day with Jackson's class. 
 Jackson & Ansley at his party
We came home to cook one of daddy's favorites (a ham), and enjoyed a nice evening together. I would say a nice, relaxing evening, but around here, it's hard to relax while entertaining, playing, and keeping up with four kids! We wouldn't trade it for the world, though!


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