Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Rattlesnake Bow

Back in the summer my dad was out working and came upon a rattlesnake. He threw a rock at it and it killed the rattlesnake before it tried to get him! He then took it to a man that he knows that makes all kinds of things, and often uses animal skins/hides in his creations. A couple of weeks ago that man came into my dad's work and said, "You have a grandson, right?" Dad told him yes, and then this man told dad that he made him something. He shows dad a bow and quiver that was all handmade by him, and he had used the skin from the rattlesnake to decorate the bow, and the rattle from the snake as decoration on the quiver. I don't know who was more excited about it.... my dad, mom, me or Jackson!

The Quiver & Bow
Dad took Jackson out one Sunday afternoon to teach him how to use his brand new, made personally just for him, bow & arrow.
(*Just ignore the socks..... he was barefoot at Mamaw & Papaw's and it got cold outside. We found him these comfy cozy socks- ha!)

Close up of the Rattle on the Quiver

Close up of the Bow

The Quiver

My Little Robin Hood!

What a special and thoughtful gift for a 4 year old boy! As of right now, we're keeping it in Jackson's "Camping Room" up at Mamaw & Papaw's and he can play with it when he goes up there. I'm not sure if it is the safest toy to be playing with when his two sisters are around. :)

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